How To Cook Brats On The Stove?

how to cook brats on the stove

During the summer season, the brats are a true BBQ! They are quick to cook and require almost no preparation. Moreover, they appeal to all, even children!

​Many of you want to know how to cook brats. There is a multitude of ways to cook them, but is there one better than another? You sometimes wonder ... "Do I have to sting them?" "Should I boil them?" "Why is the membrane torn? "What cooking prefer? ".


Indeed, there are several ways to cook them and everyone has their own technique! On the other hand, some of them are more suitable than others to get a successful cooking for a tasty result! Follow our tips!

Check out in this article made by the Health-Giving Team, our cooking tips so you can have good bats well cooked and tasty!


If cooked properly, the brats are slightly crispy on the outside and very moist and flavored on the inside. However, there are various ways to achieve this result. Whether you grill them, fry them, boil them or bake them, learning a few tricks can help you get the perfect result every time.

Note, however, that these recipes are suitable for sausages, even if sausage patties and individual sausages should be able to cook in the same way.

Brats on a Frying pan

This technique will require more attention on your part, but will give you more flavor! A very important point to follow when cooking sausages in the pan are not to cook them at too high a fire. Such cooking will cook the outside of your sausages too quickly compared to the inside.

In the end, you will end up with the calcined exterior and the interior still bleeding. In short, increasing the fire to speed up cooking is not a good solution. Cooking in the pan is definitely the most savory method since it will give a well-roasted texture to your sausages. You will need about 15 minutes of cooking alternating from side to side 3 to 4 minutes.

Baked Brats

Definitely, the simplest method that requires the least of your attention when cooking. Simply put them in a baking dish and cook them for 15 to 20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whisk the brats

This technique is preferred when cooking sausages with a large diameter to ensure that the inside is well cooked. Once your water has boiled, it will take you about ten minutes to have them well cooked. This technique has the disadvantage of losing your sausages in flavor since their juice will escape from the membrane and will mix with water. However, it is a good way to decrease and desalt your sausages!


1- Heat a frying pan on the stove. Light a burner on your gas stove and set it on medium to medium heat. Place a stove on the fire and let it heat for a minute or two.

  • When your stove starts to lightly smoke or a drop of water starts to sputter immediately when it touches it, cooking can begin.

2- Add a little oil. The brats are rather fatty, so it is not necessary to add much more fat in the pan. However, the fat will first be caught in the sausage casing, which means that for several minutes, the latter runs the risk of sticking to the pan and burning.

A tablespoon of cooking oil that you pour into the frying pan will prevent it from sticking until the fats contained in the sausage come out.

  • Be careful if you use olive oil. She has a lower smoke point than other oils, which means she will start smoking at lower temperatures. This is not dangerous, but it can trigger your smoke detector and have a minimal effect on the taste of your brats

3- Place the bats on the hot surface. Place them gently in the pan one by one. Leave enough room for them not to touch. This will help you to cook them evenly on each side. If you cook a lot of brats, you will probably have to do several batches.

  • If the sausage casings are tied, separate them by cutting them before putting them in the pan.

4- Cook them until the brats are brown on each side. At first, let them cook without moving them. After two minutes, turn them over. Continue turning them every 2-3 minutes until each side is brown. Depending on their size, this should take between 10 and 15 minutes.

  • When the brats are very brown, make a notch in one of them in the middle. The flesh should be firm and evenly cooked. It should not remain pink and the juice should be clear. If not, continue cooking.
  • Long clamps can help protect your hands if the grease starts to crackle.

5- Flatten the sausages or split them in half to reduce the cooking time. Waiting for totally cooked sausages is sometimes frustrating. Fortunately, there are several ways to shorten the time you spend in front of the gas stove:

  • You can cut the sausages in half. Take a sharp knife and cut the sausage over its entire length. Open it and place the open side of the stove side. Cook until brown,
  • You can also flatten them to make them finer and cook faster. To do this, press your sausages with the bottom of a saucepan or pan before starting cooking.

6- If necessary, finish by steaming. Some sausages, especially large ones, take a long time to cook completely. If you want them to continue to cook, but you are afraid that they will burn, try this technique. You will need a lid that fits the pan well.

  • Cook them normally until they are brown, but still raw on the inside.
  • Pour 120 ml of water into the hot pan. Cover with a lid. The steam will remain under the lid and begin to heat the sausages on all sides.
  • Lower the fire from medium to low. Cook for 5-10 minutes, then remove the lid, taking care to avoid the steam burning. Cook the sausages a few more minutes to get a little "crispy".


1- Turn on your barbecue. Cooking brats using a barbecue is similar to doing it in a frying pan, but it's not exactly the same. To start, turn on your barbecue and let it store heat. If using a gas grill, set the burners on medium to high heat.

How to Cook brats on the stove

If you use one with coal, light a good pile of briquettes and let them burn until they are covered with ash and orange.

  • If you use coal but do not know where to start, check out this article for detailed instructions.

2- Make a "hot" side and a "cold" side on your barbecue. Once your barbecue is hot, you will need to make some adjustments. You must make sure that one side of your barbecue is warm, but reduce the heat on the other side. It's simple: see how to do it below.

  • If using a gas grill, simply lower the burner (s) to one side.If using a charcoal barbecue, use special tools to remove as much coal as possible from one side, leaving only a thin coat on the other side. Put the rack over the hot briquettes taking care.

3- Grill the brats on the hot side. Put them on the warm side of the barbecue one by one. Take care to leave little space on each side of each sausage to cook evenly. As when frying them in the pan, if the sausage casings are tied, separate them by cutting them before cooking.

  • Turn them over after two minutes. The underside should have large black grill marks. Let the other side grill for about a minute before continuing.

4- Move them to the cold side. Once your brats are well brown, use a long-handled fork or pliers to move them to the other side of the barbecue. At this point, they will continue to cook, but you no longer run the risk of burning. Let them cook for another 10 minutes, turning them once in a while.

As mentioned above, the brats will be ready when they are very brown on the outside and their flesh will be firmly homogeneous. Their juices must be clear.


1- Fill a pan of liquid to 3/4. You can use flat water, but it will not add any aroma to your sausages. You can instead try to mix your favorite ingredients with water. For example, broth, wine, beer and tomato sauce can transmit their aroma to brats during cooking.

  • Boiling brats will not give them a crispy exterior, but this will preserve their moisture and fat content. It is, therefore, a good option for emulsified brats, I mean those with a smooth mixture of finely chopped meat, water, and fat. The hotdog brats, bratwurst, frankfurter, white brats, knockwurst, and sardel ki are good examples.

2- Boil the water. Set your burners on fire as hard as possible: you manage a lot of water, so you will need a lot of heat to bring it to a boil. This may take a little time.

3- Put the brats in boiling water. To avoid splashing, immerse them one by one with pliers or a long-handled utensil. Do not throw them away. When they are all in the water, lower the fire so that the boil is reduced to a slight fresh cooking.

4- Now, Cook the brats. Cover the water with a lid. If they have been pre-cooked (as is the case with most hot dog brats), you just have to cook them until they are fully hot (about 10 minutes). If they have not been pre-cooked, you will have to cook them for up to 30 minutes before recovering them. In both cases, stir from time to time to cook well.

  • Boiled brats are slightly different in appearance than those that are grilled or fried. They are not brown on the outside: they are rather firm and uniform, without pink color. Depending on the type of sausage, they may even have an unappetizing gray color. This is normal as long as they have been well cooked.

5- Otherwise, you can brown them in the pan. Your boiled brats are now ready to be eaten. However, if you're missing the crispy and brown exterior of other methods, you can always get it by applying some dry heat to your brats. Get a frying pan, heat it, add a spoonful of oil and fry your brats on each side for a few minutes until they turn brown.

Many brats from Eastern or Central Europe are traditionally eaten boiled. However, they will still be good if browned, so do not be afraid to cook them that way.


Our main techniques and tips for cooking sausages are now summarized in this article. Do you know any other methods of cooking brats? The Health Giving Team invite you to add them in the comments.

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