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best natural sleep aids

Most people, young or adult, experience difficulty to get sleep or can’t get it, at least once in their lives. This is called Insomnia, which is characterized by difficulty falling asleep, disturbed and insufficient sleep, premature awakening and difficulty falling asleep again or fatigue during the day.


This is the reason why several people turn to sleeping pills or drugs to help fall asleep, to treat insomnia, get enough rest, reduce stress and increase performance at work and with family.Generally, women have more insomnia problems than men.

There are two types of insomnia: temporary insomnia that arises due to a sad incident (divorce, death of a parent, stress in work ..) and chronic insomnia (comes at least 3 times a week, And at least once a month)

Causes of Insomnia

The causes of insomnia are relative to each person, for temporary insomnia, generally physical and environmental factors, such as brightness and harmful noises, or even food such as the taking of excessive doses of caffeine or drugs consumption, or psychological factors caused by shocking incidents such as marriage breakdown, work loss, a loved one loss, work stress, family problems.

For chronic insomnia, it is usually caused by acute or chronic pain, restless Legs Syndrome, Chronic mental illness, Chronic digestive diseases;, Chronic rheumatism.

When sleeping pills are necessary:

by seeing the following table, if you can not sleep recommended conventional time, if it is already 2 or 3 AM and you still thinking about several thing such as work, kids, money, family's problems, your wife's behaviors or others matters, if you wake up the follow morning with a headache, unable to concentrate or communicate properly with others, you should know that something is wrong and should be changed, and some preventives measures should be taken


needed hours sleep


14 - 17h


12 - 15h


9 - 11h

young adults

8 - 10h


7 - 9h

prevention: I'm I my doctor

before conventional treatment of insomnia, good living habits should be adopted to prevent insomnia, such as a good regular alimentary diet, at least 30 min of daily sport, organize bedroom and clean it every day to favorite sleeping, avoid consumption of stimulants, relaxing before going bed, practice meditation, and read some favorite books.

Even you opt for sleep aids consumption, if living behaviors are not favorable, sleeping troubles will persist with more side effects.

Medical required treatment of insomnia is specific and according to each unique case, the first step is to search the real reason that causes insomnia.

sleep aid ( Hypnotics):

Hypnotics, commonly known as sleeping pills, are drugs that make sleep easier. They help to fall asleep and can also contribute to the maintenance of sleep.If insomnia persists despite the preventive measures taken(paragraph 3), Hypnotics(sleeping pills) may be prescribed by a specialist physician.

The use of sleeping pills to reduce sleep disturbances has limited results since they do not rid of causes of insomnia.

Many people use sleeping pills to treat their insomnia problems, each family of sleeping pills has its own limitations and its own adverse effects.They should not be abused since they do not eliminate the causes of insomnia and do not allow to have a satisfactory sleep in the long term.

​The most prescribed hypnotics by specialists are those of benzodiazepine family, for example, Hypnotics are classified according to their duration of action: Those with short duration of action are prescribed for insomnia at the beginning of the night or against occasional insomnia (for a few days). Those with the medium duration of action are prescribed in case of insomnia in the middle of the night or in the case of insomnia in the short term (a few weeks, often in the case of family or professional problems).

And third, those with prolonged duration of action which is used for late night insomnia or chronic insomnia.Even hypnotics have several components, they act similarly on the nervous system and have approximately the same effects.These medications should be used according to rules established by the physician.

Advantages of Hypnotics:

They are effective by acting on the receptors of the nervous system by slowing down its functioning and facilitating muscle relaxation. Benzodiazepines hypnotics, for example, Improve sleep continuity, reduce anxiety, the duration of falling asleep decreases, the number of awakenings is less.

​Disadvantages of Hypnotics:

Some people respond badly to Hypnotics. Becoming aggressive, agitated and edgy, others disadvantages of Hypnotics also, memories problems(lapses), the return of insomnia upon discontinuation of treatment and addiction,All Hypnotics have almost similar adverse effects(depending on the way how they were used, and how long were they used)such as the risk of a decrease in wakefulness and, as a result, expose to possible accidents including traffic accidents on the road.

Studies have shown that sleeping pills should be taken at the lowest dose possible and for the shortest period of time, and should not be taken in the case of mild insomnia,

Natural sleep aids:

Before the consumption of any sleep supplement, the opinion of a physician is necessary, because natural sleep aids haven’t always safe and certain result and don't have always desired effects, many “Natural sleep aids” have same side effects than conventional hypnotics and should be consumed correctly.

​Guidelines and precautions:

if preventives tips are executed, then you still suffering from insomnia, your doctor may advise you to use hypnotics, if you opt for hypnotics use, here is some guidelines:

  • alcohol and drugs must be stopped before hypnotics use.
  • don’t take the overdose at the time.
  • one hypnotics does mean 7 to 8 hours sleeps, so take it if you have enough sleep time
  • the consumption of several hypnotics at the same time isn’t allowed
  • doctor’s safety tips should be applicated
  • you can’t drive or manipulate risky mechanic's machines 10
  • hours after sleeping pills consumption
  • read attentively the note in the hypnotics package.
  • if you have any health disability or disease you should talk to
  • your doctor before hypnotics prescription


studies have shown that the opt for good behaviors and healthy habits are more effective than any sleep aid, and even a person takes hypnotics, if hi live badly, and doesn’t opt for correct habits, hypnotics will not allow recovery and the risk of side effects are more present.


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